How to get her trust back?

How can i get her trust back when i lied and broke her heart and now she dont fell anything she doesn't reply me not even pick up my call and i am all that i can't live without her. I am like doing something and regret afterwords. I dont want to leave her in any way... What is did is... My girlfriend ex and her ex friend they both tease her and do all the stuffs whe way we do and upload it to social media. I became angry and i decided to bo the same with those guys and i visited her ex frnds house with out knowing her. And what they did is they clicked my pic and send it to my gfnd and siad that i was there for something.. But i never ever intented to do anything like this becausd i know how it feels to us. guys and girls please suggest me what should i do to make things on track.


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  • Revenge just brings more problems...

    If you are sure you are not going to hurt her again, you should wait some days and then try to contact her again...


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