Relationships and truat?

am I just a bad person for not being able to fully understand why someone just keeps doing the same stuff even when they say they will never do it again?


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  • No. Many people do not learn from their past mistakes/experiences, and think they might get different results.

    • is asking or even trying to understand why they did stuff even worth it or is it just going to hurt more

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    • thank you so much for your male input and helping me out have a good night

    • You are quite welcome. Happy I could help. Thank you, you too.

  • nope, I don't understand them either. I simply change my view of those who keep repeating the same action expecting different results as the physical definition of insanity

    • its is hard to try and keep going and saying yeah I just need time and yeah we can do this when the stupid stuff is still being done. it's bad that him over sharing and over stepping with his ex and sharing personal information with her and then her asking about our relationship and about personal stuff with me and then have him all over her fb page and liking her stuff along with her posting on his page about a dog nether of them have and continue to and it got to a point of ware it is now and on top of all this im having a hard time dealing with my loved one dying of terminal cancer

  • No but some people are just like that, full of it


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