Why isn't it the norm for girls to make the first move and ask the guy out?

Why won't girls make the first move if they're interested in a guy. Why does it always have to be the boy for the most part. Other then a marriage proposal which the guy should always being doing (because I guess that's just how it is). Are you girls fine by asking guy out first or no?


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  • You're lumping all girls into the stereotype. I've made the first move before (not going to do it anymore, I was rejected) because I'm just that type of person. If both you and the other party are shy people (I am an introvert, so I understand) one of you will have to act eventually. Go ahead and get what you want. If she's smart, she'll do the same. It's not about gender, it's about conviction.

  • Well, because it never has been. I mean, it's always been, for centuries, something the guy does. I'm not saying it's okay and that things shouldn't change - however, I still do believe the man should do the asking - but it's not the norm because it never has been. So just because society is starting to change now, it doesn't mean that it will automatically break down the system that's been in place for centuries.

    • If you like someone or think they are attractive then you shouldn't wait for them (as a guy) to make a move. It shouldn't be one genders job to make a move. Now I understand if you are shy or unconfident to do so and you don't end up making a move, I have done that my whole life so far.

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    • Not necessarily

    • It doesn't matter what your gender is. You can't say I'm not going to make a move because I'm a woman

  • tradition


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