Do ex boyfriends believe their ex girlfriends when they say "I'm giving up"?

Been chasing my ex for months. We talked everyday and he kept saying he's still unsure about us. I've been more pushy about the situation lately and he's been pretty annoyed.. I told him the other day that although I love him, I give up because I don't believe he loves me. He responded with "bye". Does he believe I'm gone? ( obviously I'm not but I need him to miss me if possible ).


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  • Who knows, he might and he might not. Your actions will dictate how much he believes it and I mean your past, present and future actions. If you have a history of attention seeking then he is less likely to take you seriously. If you mean what you say and you commit to what you say then he'll have no other option but to realise that you weren't messing around. If you are doing this for effect and hoping that it will prompt a response then you could well be kidding yourself.

    My advice is that if you say something then mean it and carry through on it. If you compromise your stance then he'll never take you seriously.

  • this is not a yes or no qn this depends pf you and him


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