Need relationship advice. Should I reach out?

Me and my boyfriend broke up about almost a month ago. I over reacted a little and got jealous over a situation. He then disrespected me and we ended breaking up. He told me to leave him alone and I have. I am starting to miss him and his cousin told me that he thought I blocked him and hasn't been the same ever since the break up... I don't know what to do, should I reach out or wait?


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  • Well that's normal in a relationship, little quarrels here and there, happens sometimes.. if u really want him then try talking to him, and if he really loves you then chances are that he has not set eyes on an another girl yet and is still waiting, Just go talk to him and apologise for ur behaviour/wrongs, I'm sure he would also say an apology from his side that is If he's willing to listen to u and if not then its up to u , keep ignoring him.(Which would be very hard for u I believe)
    or for worst case just move on

    • Thanks!!!

    • Ur welcome , Do let me know the result later

    • I just want to know when a guy is mad and tells yoi to leave you alone does he mean it? I think he also might have blocked me but there might have been a misunderstanding because he thought I blocked him first... I am really confused

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  • It never hurts to try and work out problems in a relationship if you care for that person. Give it a shot.


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  • Wait for what? To see him with another girl? Tell him alone, "look, I made mistakes and so did you. Let's not make those same mistakes again". Good luck.

    • Thanks!

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    • You know, looking back @ my life, I've got no regrets. You don't want to wake up 30 years from now and say,"what if I... or if only I had..."walk by him and ask "do we have anything at all to talk about?". Look him str8 in the eyes when doing all this. GOOD LUCK!


  • You should at the least have a conversation, to discuss what lead to the breakup. If you both want to try again, go for it.

  • Move on. Learn from it, know its going to hurt, remember the pain.
    The best thing you can do is learn from this and not repeat the mistake next time.

    • So don't reach out at all?

    • I would resist. I know its very hard, and your stomach feels like a huge knot is just growing tighter and tighter inside. but yes I would recommend not reaching out.
      I'm sorry if I'm not saying what you want to hear.

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  • If you really want him back, you can't do anything else but reach out. He told you to stay away so he probably feel that he can't reach out (if he would want, that is). If you really like the guy it will be worth it, even if all you get is closure.

    • Thank you!! 😊

    • You are very welcome, send a message if you want to talk more :)

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