Should I stay in this relationship or get out of it?

I am in a long distance relationship with this girl. we both love each other , but due to the nature of my job that I will be doing , I will be staying away from her for at least 6 months every year , so it kinda is a deal breaker for her in the future (she's confused). she says she's probably gonna get married in next 2 years either me or arranged marriage which I can't do just cuz I am not ready for it yet and I am quite young rn so I can't give her that too , so it's kinda stupid question , but should I stay in this relationship and get hurt now or should I give it a chance and possibly get a lot more hurt in the future. !!


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What Girls Said 1

  • The question you should ask yourself is what you want...
    As you mentioned she can't wait for you forever. You have to decide for yourself.
    You said you love her but you not ready for serious commitment as marriage... You can't stay in the relationship if you not sure about things but same time you have 2 years as she mentioned, who knows maybe in that time you'll be ready to marry her but you shouldn't mess up each others head so it would cause serious damages. Take your time, rethink and make a decision


What Guys Said 1

  • you already know the answer to this question. are you just looking for validation? you're not ready to get married (not even 2 years from now) you'll be away from her for 6 months at a time, the time apart will "eventually" be a deal breaker for her, you say. what exactly will you gain from dragging this relationship out any longer? how will it benefit you? If you stay in the relationship but aren't willing to get married in 2 years, her parents will arrange for her to get married anyway. so in reality your wants/needs/feelings do not matter at all. end it now, itll hurt less.


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