Whats the storey with a person you dated for 3 years then they just cut you off block you like you never exsisted? bear in mind they cheated on you and you forgave them during this 3 years?


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  • hi, so its over who ever ended it, what troubles? you the no contact approach? xx

    • well no long storey to it but she keeps comming back and going away and now she's just clear out blocked me and not bothering at all odd

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    • well welcome to the world of the cougar hunny, we are complete, dont want kids, not needy, not insecure, know what we are doing in bed for sure, know what we want in bed and not afraid to say it, dont cling or need you to keep in touch, dont fret over your social networking, financially independent, just show respect and a willingness to listen and learn give and take and i guarantee you will have the best time ever... xx

    • sounds like what i need :) feel free to pm me :)

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