Hi.. I need help?

I broke up with my mentally ill girlfriend after i tried to help her for the past 3.5years. She has hallucinations and self harm. Everytime her condition start to get worse she runs away to a relative. This time i dont wanna get her back. I love her, but she destroying me. She didn't had posibility to get help before me because she is very very poor. My family also loved her.. But know they dont want her back here cuz she is destroying me. But i miss her...


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  • that's unfortunate ... isn't there a free help line you can seek out if she's going through those traumas in your country?

    As for you, you have to be strong and rebuild yourself up, by understanding her condition and knowing it wasn't your fault by the way she's acted...

    • Idont know, but i also need help... I have ate anything in past 5 days

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    • I want her back, but i also want a family and she can't offer me that.

    • ok well you need to hydrate and eat something that will go down well .. all that stress and drama isn't gonna give you results you need.. go to 7cups. com and talk to someone and they'll be able to help you unburden yout troubles by listening in more.. but you really must eat and take care of yourself... you have to accept she isn't stable to be capable of raising a family when she's so self destructive

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