Guys, Should I unfollow him?

hi, my boyfriend decided to end the relationship last Thursday. The issue that we had was bc of his jealousy. An instagram group of beautiful girls posted a photo of mine, so he got mad and jealous bc a lot of boys followed me after seeing that photo and i accepted them, and i haven't told my boyfriend. Then the next day he sent me the photo and told me that i really hurted him, bc it shows that im interested in finding someone else etc.. so he said have a good life there is no excuse for this. For 3,4 days i tried convicing him that i didn't do it on purpose and ideleted the photo and the instrgram also, but still he wasn't convinced bc he's such a stubborn. I tried to invite him to go out and discuss he said yes then he said no. So i stopped talkig to him for about 17 days. During this time he checked all my snapchat stories etc, he didn't delete me anywhere so i thought that he maybe needs some time to calm down and he will get back. After 17 days i texted him to know about his decision. He said that he's not interested to continue with these bullshits anymore, he doesn't want a relationship with anyone and he has time for a relationship, he will enjoy his time with his family and nothing else. So i said ok now evrth its clear, and as we always discussed we cannot be friends. He said you dont need to be friends with me. So i deleted him everywhere in social media. After 1 week i got a message from instagram to activate my account or they will delete it. I reactivated the instagram, and i still have him there. I haven't unfollowed him. He is following some girls, i dont know if he's doing it to make me jealous or anything or he found that reason as an excuse to breakup, but until that day everything was going perfect. Ofc i will not talk to him anymore bc he was clear on his thoughts , but should i keep him in instagram or should i delete it? I really want him back but i dont know what to think anymore


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  • have some self respect and move on.
    unfollow him.

  • you will find a great guy
    He's wasn't meant for u
    he wouldn't do it if he loved u

    • Do u think that he's doing it on purpose to make me mad, or he doesn't care ( the fact the he didn't unfollowed me)

    • As I think he wants u to get u mad
      if he loved u he won't make u jealous in this way

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