I could use your help guys?

A girl just broke my heart for the 4th time in a row. And I don't feel like approaching girls anymore. The first girl I had asked out said yes and things were looking pretty good for a couple of weeks until she cheated on me , the second girl was the same , the third was my crush who rejected me and the fourth told me I like you and after a day hooked up with someone else. I'm feeling lonely and heartbroken and not social anymore. Please help.


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  • You know what? All of those experiences will make you wiser and more mature. You now have learned that there are girls who aren't serious enough to commit a relationship with you.

    Vent for now. Just vent. Then, forget them. They don't deserve you. Likewise, you also don't deserve their atrocities (except for the third girl who seemed to be honest for professing her true feelings).

    Don't let this doom stop you from meeting awesome people. This is temporary. Everything's subject to change. This misfortune will remain a misfortune if you don't act against it.

    • Thnx a lot

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    • Thank you for MHO :)

    • You deserved it

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  • buddy you will heal with time
    as of now don't get so low
    and don't think that you coukd live without any social interactions
    the right girl for you must be somewhere near you..
    you just gotta look with a different angle


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  • I think that you're going for the wrong girls. Maybe your moving on too fast and settling for immature girls. But anywho dont let that stop you from pursuing relationships! You got this!


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  • im sorry for you but your 18 i wouldn't worry try making these mistakes at 40 lke me then its heartbreaking


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