should i send this to her?

so she broke things off with me after i forgave her for cheating on me treated me like crap for 3 months and then just blocked me and i have no contcat methods other then e mail what do you think should i send this? and how would you re act ladies?

I'm just lay thinking of you !!! 😞

And I just wanted to share with you

It's such a Terrible loss for us don't you think, we didn't even really make any attempt or effort to fix things properly between us after 3 years together, such a heartbreaking situation for what could of been, especially what we have both been through to be together, I guess we won't ever know, people seem to think that if you love each other that 3 years is a long time to invest and just give up on without trying and that we should of at least give things a try, instead of just doing what we're doing to each other now, just a thought, I hope everything's getting better for your dad and he's making a speedy recovery, and I know that's more important right now but I just wanted to share this with you.

(You should text me later it would be a start)

It's so sad for us 😔💔😔 after all our memories and promises we made to each other to just give up and walk away without a try.

What's upsetting the most is just when I had finally found happiness in my life with a beautiful woman I could love, & adore, and share a future with 😢.

Things can be different for us but that is up to you it's your choice and I can't make you

I hope you contact soon.
So I sent it her and 24 hours later still no reply... I guess thats a no and its over and her response is saying go away im not intrested right? how can this be though after all that tme invested?


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  • I wouldn't but if that's how you feel...

  • If that's how you truly feel, yes, send it. Send it with Love and with intent!! Don't you feel it's fair for you to let her know how you still feel, as well as her having confirmation, that you feel the same?

    • you think maybe I shouldn't let her know im so keen? maybe remove the bits that show im waiting is it to ovbs?

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    • no but more then 2 forms of contact in the uk that amounts to harassment believe it or not so 2 texts or 2 e mails and thats your limit

    • That's seems rediciolous. If you don't feel you are harassing her, and she feels that way too, I say just send the fucking thing.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you've certainly been the better person and forgave her even after her cheating on you. I haven't been in a relationship or a breakup so I can't possibly imagine how you feel. I understand that you're genuinely concerned about her and her family but this one time, I'd suggest that you let her go. I know that it will be really hard but when a person plays with your emotions and just leaves, you're better off without them. I hope you have a nice day. Cheers!

    • hi bio. yeah I've really tried my hardest with nothing back for 11 days but radio silence its a shame because she was ethier a nice women or she was hiding a dark inside its very hard but i see what you say and i read it clear and you can see that she is playing me like a fiddle yeah? i mean its just my heart choosing to not accept that right?

    • Yes. You're probably going through a lot of stress right now about it. Try to distract yourself from those thoughts. I suggest that you go out and do something that you like. Maybe go bowling or a night out with the guys. It'll certainly get your mind off of her and relieve you, even if for a little time. Cheers! Have a nice day!

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