should i send this to her?

so she broke things off with me after i forgave her for cheating on me treated me like crap for 3 months and then just blocked me and i have no contcat methods other then e mail what do you think should i send this? and how would you re act ladies?

I'm just lay thinking of you !!! 😞

And I just wanted to share with you

It's such a Terrible loss for us don't you think, we didn't even really make any attempt or effort to fix things properly between us after 3 years together, such a heartbreaking situation for what could of been, especially what we have both been through to be together, I guess we won't ever know, people seem to think that if you love each other that 3 years is a long time to invest and just give up on without trying and that we should of at least give things a try, instead of just doing what we're doing to each other now, just a thought, I hope everything's getting better for your dad and he's making a speedy recovery, and I know that's more important right now but I just wanted to share this with you.

(You should text me later it would be a start)

It's so sad for us 😔💔😔 after all our memories and promises we made to each other to just give up and walk away without a try.

What's upsetting the most is just when I had finally found happiness in my life with a beautiful woman I could love, & adore, and share a future with 😢.

Things can be different for us but that is up to you it's your choice and I can't make you

I hope you contact soon.
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So I sent it her and 24 hours later still no reply... I guess thats a no and its over and her response is saying go away im not intrested right? how can this be though after all that tme invested?
should i send this to her?
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