What's wrong with my boyfriend? help?

my boyfirned completley changed towars me for no reason , we didn't fight , i didn't do anything.. nothing
first we were talking on the phone and he started saying some things that hurt me badly and when i told him to not talk to me that way he said i was just joking then he stopped texing / calling me so i was the one doing that and he would respond with one word and give me the cold shoulder. i asked if we can meet he said no i have plans , i tried to talk to him and i told him to talk to me if something's up but nothing... and then i just told him wtf is up with you he said just leave me alone i'm tried of your games and we were texting on what'sapp so he uninstalled it and just left.
does he want to breakup? we've been together for 11 months and we've broken up so many times by the way
What's wrong with my boyfriend? help?
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