Do you still count with your ex?

broke up with my girlfriend a week ago due to distance, also she said she didn't want a relationship now because she wanted to focus only on her work...she said she wanted to be in contact with me and when I first said no she went all sad because she didn't want it to be an end...we spoke a couple of days later and we agreed that it wasn't an end and the doors are open for a future, who knows what could happen...haven't spoken with her since and last night she talked to me because she was going to her doctors appointment and asked me what she was suppose to ask him...i just reminded her and later asked if everything had gone you girls still ask your ex boyfriend about this kinds of things? it surprised me to hear from her and being asked this random thing but maybe it's normal for women to do it...


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  • I still talk to my ex about all sorts of random things and it seems so natural. Durring the relationship we pretty much became best friends and I no ending the relationship changed things quite a lot but honestly it didn't seem worth loosing a great friendship just because we couldn't make it work out. x


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  • Personally, it kind of sounds to me like she just called to more or less "hear your voice"... it sounds like she was looking a reason to call you and her doctor's appointment was a good reason.

    I think that nothing should come before you... not a career, a friend, a bike or a boat... nothing should come before you in a relationship.

    If she is doing this now, you need to know that as time goes on, it won't get any better... it will get worse.

    Look for someone who is willing to put you first!


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  • I hate to sound like a douche and I probably will, but from what I've seen is that both guys and girls sometimes want their Ex'es around them.

    Sometimes because they have feelings left, but they don't want to admit it so soon after the break-up.

    I've also seen several people in general describing their Ex'es wanting them around, no real reason is provided, but the hidden reason is that they want to hurt you more and use you for their own selfish needs. Its harsh and cold to play with someones feelings like this, but if they're mad at their ex, they use this as some excuse to keep screwing you over even after the break-up.

    I only know of total ignoring your ex. Its from my experience the best way of not getting hurt by the one you loved again.


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