How to I handle this?

OK, I never really new this guy but I know all his brothers but he new me from high school though not really sure how anyways, We started talking about a month or so ago, I didn't really mind. So I told him I was dating someone and we had are up and downs and we *might* call it off. Next thing I know he is asking me to go boating with him, OK harmless I told my boyfriend about it he didn't mind but since I didn't know him not too, so I never did. Then the guy keeps writing me to talk then asked me to dinner and movie, now he is telling people I'm his girlfriend etc... I never told him that I didn't end it with my boyfriend so why he is doing this? He was even talking about further babies with him.. He wrights me more then I want in a day, He got my cell number from somewhere, and calls me about 20 times a day. I'm pregnant and staying with my child's father, he knew that I never told him me and him broke up. How can I let him down easy without hurting him or is there even a way? I'm ignoring him but that doesn't seem to be helping at all.


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  • this guy is lying to people about a relationship with you and stalking you

    you need to tell him straight that you're flattered but in a relationship

    and you're st\aying with your baby's father and you hope he can understand

    i hope it goes well for you :) x


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