What do you think he means?

I replied but was totally freaking out, we are close friends but I didn't know what to think. He is very calculated, we do tell each other "I love you" occasionally.What do you think he means?


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  • Well i dont know what exacly your ralationship is, but it does look awkward. Most of the time i would say this, but its your job to find out.
    He wants you for more than a friend, He wouldn't have wrote this otherwise. Pretends to be a friend, but wants to be more than that.
    But if he is soft and behave more like gay i could be wrong.

    • I don't think gay, also he told me "It's over " when I ask about his girl

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    • So after all you might consider him as a love interest and he most likely is too. If thats so get more private, i mean show him some interest. Watch a movie together, hug him, lay in his lap, see how responds and if you think he is interested even go for a kiss. No guy careless a girl thats laying in his lap, without being interested in her. Just make it happen.

  • U told him u love him

    And he talk to u like that in this chat?

    Then where is the issue?

    It's obvious the feeling is mutual or minimum E like u a lot if not in love

    • well in love or brotherly/sisterly love the distinction is hard

    • No no
      He won't put heart sign and kiss.

      Unless u didn't give us full story?

      If u want u can write it here and tell S how he act and if u asked him out etc and when u hang out do u hold hands etc..

      Also u can pm me. if u need :). I will try to analyze I and give. best perspective I see.

      But from. the message he sent a kiss and saying that it's obvious to me he like u minimum if not in love

    • I'll write the entire story out, I sent a friend request to private message you.

  • Have you ever discussed your feelings? Sounds like he's trying to find out where you are in this whole thing?

    • I'm terrible with things like that, like I said we say "I love you" but I don't know what he thinks. How do I start that conversation?

    • Being nervous is normal. Remember you started as friends and if he's a True friend he will understand. If you can either ring him or meet face to face. Tell him. Tell him how you feel. if you fear rejection and that he doesn't feel the same way. He just rejecting the "next level" I have a best friend that's a girl. I love her, and we both said it to each other. But we both only want friendship. to be honest it's nice to have a women to get an opinion from. Hope this helps! Good luck! You got this 😉

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