Am I stupid for getting back with my ex?

My boyfriend lied and lying is a huge thing to me, especially after witnessing my stepdad lie to my mom for years. He admitted to loving me and he says he's gotten attached to me, and that he wants to build a future with me. He cried after I broke up with him, and even told his mom about everythIng going on. (His mom called him stupid lol) and he's the type to not text girls or bother them after a breakup. And he texted me, saying he wants to fix things and that no matter how much time I need, he's going to wait.


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  • I'm just going to say this, and do with it what you will. He's going to lie to you again in the future. It may not be anything serious, or it might be. The thing is, all people have that problem. Our culture has stopped thinking of lies as a big issue. A lot of people naturally lie when it's the easy way out (I know this is something I struggle with). In other words, lying is not something you're simply going to escape by finding someone "better." Every person has their flaws, and quite frankly, lying is one of the most common ones. You can choose to get back with this guy, but I can't promise that you'll do any better with someone else. If nothing else he's made the effort to show you he does care. Some people really do love us, they're just bad at showing it.


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