He didn't want to act like my friend, but got mad when I considered our friendship over?

So... had a friends with benefits who became flaky after I asked if we can be more. Wouldn't call, text, hang out, wish me a happy birthday, meetup (we go to the same college) for months. It was getting to the point that people noticed, which was bad because we were very close before.
Each time I called him out on it, he'll have an excuse and became more annoyed by it over time. Even when I asked him mundane things (our friends are throwing a party, are you bringing the cups?), he was giving one-word responses and accusing me of starting stuff. So recently he gave me an ultimatum: stop pestering how he was treating me and 'be cool' or we 'can't be friends'.
So I unfriended and unfollowed him. A few hours later he asked why. I said that [we CAN be cool, just not friends. I'm not dealing with him anymore,](<exact and only words) because it's clear to me that he just wants me to be okay with how he says we're still friends but treats me like the opposite.

He... got angry. He left a very long text calling me a condensing bitch, said I was never going to have friends (I have plenty) or a relationship with my attitude, said I screwed over his friend, and that I'm fucking delusional.

Then, two hours later, he sends another text. "Listen, and listen to me good..." And it's a barrage of just... nasty with things like:
"Don't you DARE say you're done with me like I'm the one with the problem."
"You need to know your place and humble yourself."

He was even bringing up my childhood (I told him how I was bullied) and saying that he 'can see the fuck why' I didn't have friends when I was a child.

I'm not upset about this, to be honest, it got me a short laugh and a good reason to block him from everything. But what are your thoughts? What did you think went through his head? Why, if he didn't want me around in any form, did he become so sour when I broke things off? Curious.


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  • He sounds like a immature asshole to me. You get really cruel and nasty people out there. There's no point in trying to understand their behavior. That's just how they are. Don't worry yourself over them, just let them go and don't go crawling back.


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