How do you move on from an ex when your brain won't let you forget them?

I've broken up with my ex three months ago and the more time passes the more I feel stuck on him. I know he's moved on because that's just how he is. Someone suggested that I reach out to him to get some closure, but I don't know... That seems like a huge risk and I feel I will open myself to more rejection which may make things worse. I'd love to try to make things work but I don't think the relationship was as important to him as it was to me. Any help here? How can I move on?


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  • I practice some meditation to stop thinking of my ex husband whom I loved and missed until I started doing this after a month I got over him.

    Do this: when you're about to sleep... close your eyes and relax. Imagine a thick cord connecting you guys (you and him) by the belly... every night before you got to bed. Imagine yourself cutting the cord connecting you both. Keep doing this until the cord is gone. Only your brain will tell you how long you need. For me it took about 2-3 weeks and poof! I was over him.


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  • You can't manually or automatically forget them. You have to eventually forget them by progressing yourself. There's no short cut.


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  • Meet new people. Say to yourself you're getting over him everyday. Learn an instrument or new hobby. Write his name on paper and burn it.

  • if closure isn't for you then dont.
    It took me five or six months to get over my last ex and we only dated for two and a half months! Your feelings are valid but you have to accept that things have ended for the best. Let your feelings be and use this time to explore yourself.
    I spent about two months being heartbroken but i tried to distract myself. I talked to a few other guys and hung out with some too - no strings attached just explore yourself.
    One day, you'll literally just wake up and think to yourself - wow. im over him.
    Believe me, the time will come and we all take different times.
    The key is to keep yourself distracted and have faith that those feelings will fade away eventually :)


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