Cheating ex, his new relationship, broken heart?

I was cheated on, my boyfriend left me for the girl he cheated on me with. Its been a month since we broke up and well he now dating her. We went out for a couple months short of 2 years. When he left me I was the joke of the school, I lost all my friends and I was lonely. I fell into depression and I still get hurt every time I see something about them. He is always talking about how great this new girl is on his Facebook. a few nights ago I saw a picture of them two kissing, I felt a hard blow to my stomach and I began to cry. I think about him all day all week all month. Everything around me seems to remind me of him. From what I've heard they already had sex and he seems happy. A day before we broke up he told me he was in love with me and than loosing me would kill him inside. yet the day after he told me he lost all his love for me and told me he liked someone else. how can this happen? do you think he is telling the truth?


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  • I'm so sorry.

    I know how you feel to a point. My boyfriend cheated on me it was past 2 years that we were together.

    All I can say is delete him as a friend from Facebook, lose all contact with him, and remember what he did to you. You may still want to be friends with him, but you can't right now when you're still depressed and upset. Maybe later on you can be friends again and talk to him, but right now it's very very important that you just more on. It's easier to say that than to actually do it but removing all contact and anything that he has given you is the first step to take to make things better and right in your life.

    When he told you he loved you, it was a lie. Especially when he said he lost all love for you in a day. It's either he loved you and still is, or he never loved at all. I can tell you that he never loved you at all. As horrible as it seems, you just need to keep telling yourself that no matter what happens, you're going to get through this and some other guy will come along and do something else to you that's horrible. and some more guys after that will too, but than after some X amount of guys and time, you'll find the right one. And all the lessons that you've learned, probably starting with this guy will seem like everything that you've done matters and has led up to you becoming a stronger person that made you a future wife.

    Find something that you love to do. And keep doing that when you're upset. Just don't hurt yourself in any way, shape, or form. Oh btw you may seem like the joke of the school, but you just need to be strong. I promise you that this will make you a stronger person and realize who the real jerks are in life.


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  • I'm so sorry girl...just try and remember that someone who falls in and out of love that quickly can't be genuine about thier feelings. He isn't true, he isn't faithful, be happy he did you the favor of breaking it off with you

  • He sounds like a piece of sh*t! I'd forget him and move on!


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