I've had this weird though that my ex girlfriend got married for some reason?

and its bothering me for some reason , I have no factual evidence or seen/heard anything that would indicate this is the case.
its just I haven't even seen her for over a year and have no clue what she is up to , all I know is she left the country to work at a school in an Asian country last year. I talked to her sister last year who still lives here and she had been there to visit her but never mentioned if she was seeing anyone.

I also noticed this week , her parents and sisters all seemed to disappear for no reason and aren't around , they live nearby and no one around. I suspect they went to see her but why would all of them make the trip? which I why I then began to suspect there has to be some special reason and only one that made sense would be a wedding

but then who knows maybe they just miss her and she is unable to come home for some reason? the whole thing is just bothering me

I checked the sisters profile , they did go on a trip far away but not to asia , were in South Carolina so I guess that answers part of my question


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  • Why is it bothering you if it's your ex?

    • maybe just the way things ended , it just always felt odd for her to not be around here anymore and all the way over there instead

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