I'm having bad luck with dating. There's nobody out there like my high school girlfriend. Is there?

Okay so long story short I was best friends with a girl in high school. we had so much in common. We would run together around the high school track. We would hang around and eat late at night and have deep and meaningful conversations about aliens, time travel and love. I never had the courage to ask her out because I was worried it would ruin the friendship. She also told me she wanted to have sex with me constantly so I knew she liked but I never asked her out. We went to college. Still talked. She got a boyfriend and got pregnant. She was super smart. Now I see her living in the same place she always has been living. I checked up on her last night but didn't come to find myself to knock on her door because she's with someone else now. All the girls I now date are so boring and you can't really talk to them about the universe or anything like that because they don't understand.

Short summary of her:

very smart. she was in AP calculus with me and sometimes got higher exam grades than me. She also played in band. Ran track. was a talented runner.

Very funny. we would sometimes have dates I guess roasting people we saw driving in their cars. I had a blast doing that.

Crazy and adventurous. She would literally be down for anything at anytime. We would go to cemeteries at 12am and tell ghost stories.

I can't find anyone else like her. :,(
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  • I think you could find someone like that but you don't really want to you want her.


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