What Breakup or Break Away Reasons Did You Receive That Made You "LOL" Think "WTF"?

know we have the cliched "It's Not You, It's Me" sort of comments when you break away from someone else, whether it is a friendship, dating or a relationship. But I do believe many of us have gotten a variety of reasons... and some that make us LOL, and especially WTF. So this isn't really as much a question as it is getting various stories out there as to what ridiculous comments you received that made you laugh or have a WTF face in reaction.

Me, I had this woman I was going out on dates with for about 3-4 months prior. I told her to call me out on things I may be doing that come across as odd to her (as a man who has rarely dated at all and hadn't really been on multiple dates with 1). No abuse of any kind.

After a couple tragedies, says she wants to cool down... continued to be a bit of a flirt at the same time. Went out, and as I took her back to her vehicle before she went home, she started crying about one loss. I felt bad. She finally calmed down & I tried to kiss her, she leaned back & said "whoa." Went to her vehicle and drove off.

Later that night, I do apologize about it via text... and she says she doesn't think I should talk to her anymore. I think to myself because of the move... and I proceed to ask her if this is just her way of trying to quit, to which she replies "I'm considering it."

I question her what the real issue with me is, and she just wouldn't budge on it. She then says she is just scared... of me! I'm thinking to myself... scared? Why? I finally push her to admit what she means by being scared... and she says because of actions I do and how I look toward her, she thinks I'm going to do something bad to her, whether it be abuse, assault or worse.

Not only does she say that, but then proceeds to say she keeps getting this "vibe" about me that I'm actually going to do something bad. Yet at the same time, tells me if I need someone to talk to, I can talk to her... a girl WHO JUST SAID SHE IS AFRAID OF ME.


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  • Talk to her about it. Because from what I'm seeing she's probably hurt from the past and it frightens her that you may do the same. Who knows what he future brings because if you take her then you have to take the whole package that comes along with her. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • No need to talk to her about it. She walked up to me a month ago at a public setting and basically said the very thing again. And her past involved overall jumping back and forth between her baby's father and a HS friend who was in the military.

    • Oh then let it go don't continue hurting yourself for someone who can't notice your worth.

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