Is she going to break up with me? Yea or Nay. What do you think?

So... My lovely girlfriend of 3 months decided she need to take some time to think about our relationship due to a medical condition I have. Four days later, she texted me and said she wants to meet up. I asked where did she want to meet, but I asked her to be away from the "general population". If she does dump me, I'm going to be very sad and don't want people to see. But if she decides to stay with me, I don't want people to see how happy I am going to be.

All I can say is that this has been 101% the BEST relationship I've been in to the most beautiful and best woman I've ever met.

So... She said she wants me to come over to her place. Which is technically her parents because she is in the middle of moving and is temporarily living there.

So. Do you think she is going to dump me? I find it strange that she would want to do that at her parents house.
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  • No, I'm not being dumped and let our love live forever.
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Well, no sleep and I'm at 50/50... I'll keep you posted. Unfortunately the girls voted more than likely I will be dumped. Doesn't give me a good feeling.


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  • Your mind will be in a state of paranoia and anxiety until that day. There's nothing you can do to control your thoughts, the mind can sometimes a be a little bitch. It's alright bud, just be patient.

  • my advice to u
    keep calm
    don't talk a lot with no meaning
    if u feel any kind of mess don't talk just leave


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