Is he bad news!?

Okay so I really liked this guy for like 3 months and he's was really nice and flirty and what not and then we ended up making out FINALLY. That night though, I didn't text him or anything because I was trying to see if he would text me first to see if he liked me. Except I went on a trip and found out while I was on that trip that he asked back out his ex girlfriend. So, the next day I was p*ssed off like no other and got all dolled up to make him jealous. It worked and I saw him in the hallway and he tried to talk to me and I COMPLETELY blew him off and he texted me asking why I was mad at him even though he normally doesn't care. Then we

were just talking about why I was p*ssed and when I told him it was because I felt used he said how he didn't know I liked him because I didn't text him and I told him I did and he said he liked me too and that he would break up with his girlfriend for me and stuff. And I completely bought everything but then he just kept going out with her. So

I was really confused but this was like 3 months ago and I still like him a lot and he just broke up with his gf. Do you think he's really bad news? Or should I go for it?


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  • just be careful you're not being used as a rebound/back-up girl

  • let him know that you still like him , but make sure that he doesn't want to use you, wait a bit of time to see if he makes it up with his girlfriend then you shold try .


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