Move with him or he might kill himself?

There are three guys that I'm currently interested in and I've pretty much made up my mind about which one I want to go with. Now I just have to break the hearts of the other two guys. Last night I was telling one of the guys and he said that the whole point of his visit was to win me over and to take me back home with him. When I told him that it wasn't going to work out he said that he was going to stop talking to me and that he was going to go down a dark path of depression and could not guarantee that he wouldn't kill himself. He says that he has gone on dates but that girls have rejected him and that he won't ever find anyone else.

I really don't know how to handle this because I don't want to give up the guy I really wanna be with because this other guy might kill himself. The only thing I can think of is telling his mom. Another important fact is that this guy is also an ex.

the other thing is that he has attempted to kill himself over a girl that broke up with him and couldn't get over.


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  • Just call his mom and pick the guy you actually want. Would you even want to be with a potentially suicidal guy anyways?


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  • ok well he’s probably just trying to pressure you into being with and is being over dramatic. You should do what ever you feel is right. You shouldn’t let him fool you, but just in case you should definitely tell someone that he could be suicidal.


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