Will A Man come back to me after this happened? Im Libra, He is Gemini, not sure if horoscope matters?

a couple weeks ago, this i was talkin to guy asked me who was adding him on mssnger. i asked him do u want me to tell them not 2 add u. he said "id like my privacy" then all of a sudden he stops talking to me. & then I find out by my cousin that my cousin messaged & added him apologizing for the misunderstanding that i wasn't talking to him, i was talking 2 my cuzn & the message was for my cousin. then i find out by my cuzn too that his wife, message him apologizing 4 my cuzin because it was a misunderstanding. My msgs was 4 my cousin & not for him. & they told me several times to make a new Skype account because my msgs were being sent to them. & my cuzins wife messaged him saying "mr...(his name) " Since my messenger was hacked & my msgs were being sent to them my cuzin and cuzin wife kinda figured who the guy was i was talking to on messenger. 2 days later he tells me "please delete me" "its a matter of trust&troubles. & he told my friend, that he made the right decision to drop me "I also want her happy. but i won't talk to her, i was already undecided but this was the last drop." he said to her that my troubles of my past is a lot. he said "he's sad about all this". my friend said to him, ur judging her because her past because bad relationships. she told him well she is sad about all this too, becuz u say u can't trust her & he said well "she can think what she wants we werent dating we were chatting". & he told her that my whole family knows about him,& she told him. No they dont, its only her cuzin and cuzin wife. & he said "his privacy was violated" because my family knows bout stuff only me n him talked and about him. she told him, not everything only some mssgs were randon stuff that wasn't bad or anything. & he said "i made my decision i was right 2 end it, i can't trust her". my friend told him "well the trust is the 1 priority on her list, because she has trust issues in the past, & that is extremely important 4 her". & then, he went & blocked her too.


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  • Ahhh, no he won't be coming back. You should also stop using Skype as a primary method of communication.

    • becaus of privacy issue :'(

    • No, he won't come back because the whole snafu with the cousins and the messages is a massive headache. Privacy or not, you're a grown woman. Find a better method. Google hangouts is better. what's app is better. Hell, normal emailing is better.

    • yeah but, what i dont understand is why he hasn't block me on my work Skype account either..

  • To much to read but he might come back but don't count on it

    • its long but i dont know if he's gonna come back :'(

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    • yeah but, what i dont understand is why he hasn't block me on my work Skype account either..

    • maybe so he can come crawling back to you if he's lonely again

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