EXBoyfriend texting me with a different number (guessing it was an app...)?

About 2 months after things ended with my ex, he texted me from a random number but he didn't change his number so I'm guessing it's one of those internet phone apps. He messaged me with "lets have fun" "hangout at my place" and "I want to enjoy my time with you" ... does he just want to mess around? Why text after he was silent for so long? Why didn't he just use his number?


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  • I would just ignore him. Seems like he's playing games and that is never a good thing. His message would lead me to believe he wants sex. Do you want to be his booty call? Maybe he was stoned or drunk when he did it.

    • Thanks for your advice! =)

      I did tell him to find someone closer (he's about a hour away). Honestly wouldn't mind being friends with benefits but I don't want to deal with him -_- Just don't understand the need to play games after so long. Was thinking about reaching out (missing having someone) but definitely going to avoid that!

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    • True... it's been awhile since I've put myself out there so I wanted to take things slow with him but he wanted gf/bf thing. He doesn't drink or drugs so it was all premeditated - just weird... don't get him. Well on to the next one =) thanks again!

    • Good luck!

  • it sounds like he hasn't been doing so hot in the relationship department and he's got an itch he wants you to scratch really badly. he also sounds a little dumb kicking some weak game and using an internet phone app

    • hhahha maybe... he works 12 hours plus studies... too lazy to look else where? Totally agree with the app - so strange! Just wondering the logic behind that lol I guess there is none... Thanks for your opinion! =)

    • no worries and yeah it is easier to go back to what we know. But I think you should be with someone who is willing to work for ya not just be the easiest choice. good luck

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