so I'm having a bad time each day with this why would she just up and go and get on with her day and not make any contact, after 3 years she knows im just sat here waiting for anything and im really strullging now for love... what can i do for contact she responds to nothing?

so i dated this wonderful girl for 3 years i took her everywhere with me overseas really looked after her treated her kind loved her told her i loved her all the normal good things. Then she cheated on me out the blue while working at sea in america to which she confessed to some 6 months later i was upset shocked but thought i could forgive her giving the realtionship time and investment plus if you love a person you work on things right? anyhow long storey short its been terrbile for months she dropped me in feb and I've begged pleaded for 3 months now. She came home from sea in April and we kind of made things up spending a little time with each other and she slept over etc etc. But now she's gone all cold and horrid again for at least 8 days now she lets me text at least 10 times a day but never responds to anything then sends me this last night :

\HOW F;;;;;; DARE YOU!!! You f;;;;;; insensitive prick!!! Get the f;;;; out of my life and stay out of it!!! You are not important to me in what is happening right now FUCK OFF!

i send her nothing but love and the only contact i get get know is via e mails which i dont get a reply from them im so confussed i wake up to a room filled with our things, her pictures over my bed what am i doing? its been 8 days no contact at all and she's 140 miles away at work mon to fri that plenty of space, given i jiust waited for her return from sea for 5 months please what can i do please please please :(
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