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My husband wants a divorce and is very adamant about it but he still wants sex and tries constantly. What is this about? He says he still loves me and is attracted to me but he no longer believes in marriage. He also wants a divorce but wants me to stay living with him. I don't understand his logic. Any help?


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  • He seems to me that he doesn't know what he wants in life... And maybe he thinks he can have it all without losing nothing.

    Guys... sometimes we are fucking weird.

    • That's actually exactly what he said. He doesn't know what he wants in life but he knows he's not happily married. And he doesn't want to try to fix it.

    • Oh man, he thinks he needs something to be changed to stop feeling how he feels. And that something will change everything and things will get better after it, utterly bullshit.

      people always want what they don't have. we always think there is something that will save us make everything better... there is not. He needs to work to make it better not to run from it.

  • He wants you and he loves you but he doesn't want to take responsibility...
    This is normal for guys who are not ready for it and they are not amateur enough. In my opinion u have to talk to him about it and figured out what he is afraid of and according to it u can act and choose what u will do.

  • tell him to choose between sex and divorce..


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