Acts Interested Goes Cold?

So a guy liked me online then went to extraordinary lengths to get to know me like find where I lived my hobbies and would hang round when I was about. Eventually he stopped so I decided to contact him on his work social site and he acted like he didn't know me and cold so I stopped then I noticed his friends taking interest in what I'm doing etc but he'd not communicate. I saw his ex has their pics together so I stayed away but he's even keeping tabs on what I'm up to but won't talk to me?

I was upset when I saw he had teen kids and his ex had their pics up and had mailed him about it and argued saying he shouldn't have led me on and I didn't like his kids or ex. Why does he keep tabs on me if he's keeping away?


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  • Testing the waters?
    The guy is divorced with teen kids? You don't want any of that anyway. For a lot of reasons.

    • Well yes I thought he was single and he pursued me like a love sick puppy at first then wouldn't even explain or apologise after leading me on? I know he keeps tabs as he's military and also has my cell phone.

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    • True yes what I meant is he has some of his military men keep tabs on me and they tell him what I've been up to as he's senior. I just wish he'd have explained and just stop keeping tabs.

    • Tell 'im to fuck off and quit bothering you. That usually works.
      Or did you want him to keep pursuing you? You're kind of ambivalent here.

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