Guys, Shy guy who was extremely into me suddenly breaks up with me, now acting strange? What's going on?

So this shy guy saw me with the band at a football game. He gained a HUGE obsessive crush on me. To the point he would follow me around. He somehow got my number, and we started talking. He finally confessed to me. We went on a few dates, and it was very obvious he liked me. Getting jealous over guys who knew me, always staring at me with dilated eyes, always hugging me, moving close. It was very clear to the public this kid liked me. Eventually, he became confident around me, calling me love and dear, trying to make me flustered, always talking about how much he liked me, how he thought he was out of my league etc. This Friday, my band went on a trip where I ran into him. Two days before he was distant with his texts. He was also distant texting me that day, Next day, he had to break up with me over text (I don't blame him, he regrets doing it over text but it was the only way.) He was very apologetic, saying that I was like no other girl and how lovely I was and how he was so sorry for doing something like this to a girl like me. He kept apologizing because he said that he felt like he wasted my time because HE was the one who wanted me, but now his feelings faded. I kept telling him it was fine, that I wasn't upset, that people get bored of each other, etc. It was very quick, mostly me reassuring him it was okay. Same day, I'm snapchatting my trip, and he always watches my story. I expected him to remove me off snapchat, but he didn't. I videoed things today also. I kept checking and I saw that he hadn't viewed them. Just now he watched one of my videos. But only one that happened yesterday, and there's a lot more. It was a video of me laughing because my friend was stuck between the seats. He didn't watch anymore of the videos, even though they were all posted at the same time. So he had watched one video, and then quickly closed the app. I don't want to ask why his feelings faded, in fear of looking deserpate, I know something's wrong, any explanation?


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  • He fucking someone else

    • if you knew the age I'd doubt you'd be saying that.

  • Hmmm do you hang out with a lot of guys?

    Maybe he couldn't handle it anymore

    • Well, most of my friends are guys. Most of the band members are too.

    • Hmmm potentially it could be a reason. He is shy and feels insecure about you hanging out with other guys, shy guys have this problem sometimes...

      He knows it's completely fine, but he just can't handle it himself... I'm the same way...

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