Do you still keep contact?

You have a big fight with your girlfriend of 5 and say we're done out of anger, that's how you show frustration and she knows it. While you're abroad, the very next day she's staying at a co workers house and telling you she's with him, despite you two promising each other that you'll tell in advance before doing anything like that. You know her mind - it was most likely her own way of finishing it for good cuz it just doesn't work. You'd always come back to each other and go on usually. Still that's not an excuse to finish it like that, so soon and treat you ruthless when asked what actually happened. The talk is postponed. Now, what would you do here if it's as it looks and it ends? Do you still keep contact with her? It's 1/4 of her life with you and she'll always have a place in your heart and you know, she still loves you to whatever extent compared to before but it'll be always there. Is it wise to keep contact while there's still love from both sides?


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  • You know talk it out be like "Hey i feel like _________" then if she doesn't reply oh well or she does but she's still mad and she tries to start shit just ignore her completely dont even try. Only if she is genuine and friendly continue talking. however make you feeling extremely clear I. E "just friends""Still in love""Hoping to work things out get you back"


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