Was there somethingg between us?

So it seemed like a close guy friend had feelings for me, from his actions and words, we had banter, a bit of flirting he sent shirtless scs, complimented me subtly, got weird about other guys and a whole bunch of other stuff and we would have deep convos and talk throughout the day or at night over snapchat. It really seemed like something. Then we had a fight, fixed it and have decided to start talking again. But during our fight I accidentally friend zoned him and he got really close with another girl and now he says they are sort of having a thing but he doesn't know what it is. And I said hope it goes well, and he said thanks and I felt a bit spiteful cause I felt like he led me on and said it's all good I want my friends to be happy lol, I'm done with crushes and dating for a while. And by the way I have a deb date now. And he said Oh who is it
I told him the person
He said omg
Have fun with that

I said why omg
He said dw about it
I'm gonna sleep

I don't understand any of this. :/ I'm just stupid for catching feelings I guess.


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  • Guess he wanted you but you werent ready or wasn't that interested at the time. If you feel that way about him then you should tell him and take the shot.

    • I guess maybe he did and we never really told each other how we felt but like my friends said they saw how we felt through the words and actions but he's kind of with someone else now so I can't tell him how I feel and I'm thinking of just letting it go cause yeah things were really good with him but I guess when you really care about someone you want them to be happy even if it's with someone else now.

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    • It's like a thing they are having but I don't know his feelings have probably changed. Like I don't know he seemed a bit disappointed when I said about the deb date and the crushes thing and the friendzoning thing too..

    • Well that's normal but you could prob change his mind now by telling him your feelings..

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