Broken up with me... part 2?

One day I ended up getting sad (it happens) and she said she could feel it and that we should have a break as we can't be so dependent on each other as we spent so much time together and that she could never give me all of her and that's what I deserved. She said her depression is draining on the both of us and that I needed to push her away and hate her. I was meant to see her on Friday and she asked to change it to Thursday so we did. Seen her and she was so distant. Wouldn't kiss me, every move I had to make and she would just 'take it'. She said she probably won't sleep at night and asked me to speak in bed as she said my voice was relaxing and would maybe help her sleep. So I did and worked like a treat. In the morning I went to work kissed her goodbye said I love you, she said it back and gave me a few more kisses. Then she didn't really speak to me for most of the day. Then she messaged me Saturday at 3am she can't be with me anymore so I asked why and she said our relationship no longer makes her happy. I didn't reply and haven't spoken since. I was kinda okay with the breakup, it hurt a bit but not as much as I thought it would. Until the next day she went out drinking with that guy (selfie guy) and his band and posed a few pictures on her snapchat story. This really hurt me as I thought she wasn't like that. The following day she done the same and posted a snapchat video of his band playing quoting 'our boys 💦'
Im pretty sure it's over but I don't know how she can walk away from something that we built. She even said she never had something like this. I feel like she's doing it for the lust feeling as ours have wore off?
Should I just forget her?
Im also having a catch-up with a pretty girl today should I Snapchat a story like that too?
With her I was limited to doing things as she took most of my time up and I feel like I lost a track of who I was. I think if we ever got back I would have to do my own thing more


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  • Forget her. She wasn't happy in the relationship, so let her go find her happiness. You can't turn back time and you can't change her feelings.


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