What to text my ex after four weeks of no contact?

Same old story, I was left by my exboyfriend (26) four weeks ago on the phone. We have had a meeting in person shortly after that to clear things up and talk. I wrote him a letter one day before the meeting which contained all of my feelings and the problems I thought would have lead him to his decision. The conversation was "peaceful" and ended with me crying and him telling me he "would message me".
I did not do anything stupid afterwards like messaging, calling or even meeting him, so there was no contact for four weeks now. I didn't disgraced myself by begging him or something.
Since there is no message from him yet, i'd like to speed things up a little and get him back, because I obviously still love him.

So my question to you: What to write him to get back together eventually?

The background story:
We met eachother in last July at work, became friends first, then friends with benefits in November. Feelings on both sides began to grow in December, the "official" relationship started in February.
We had no good start, but it became all fine - at least for me.
He has jealousy issues and is very scared to be hurt. I made a few rhetorical mistakes and almost forgot about his problems...
Now I got what I sowed, I guess, because he left me before I could hurt him. He did not want to compromise or find any other solution..
I really do love and miss him and at least want to try fighting for the relationship.

So, do you guys have any tips, tricks, advice or anything else helpful for me? What helped you to get your ex back?
Thanks in advance ❤


Most Helpful Guy

  • go talk to him in person and be as honest as you possibly can be. things are difficult enough as they are. no need to complicate things.


Most Helpful Girl

  • just say Hi how are you doing ask how he is doing


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  • express your loneliness to him... in an emotional way


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  • Ask him how's life


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