Wtf happened here?

I met this guy at my new job. We hit if off immediately. He is getting married in 3 weeks from now and I have a steady boyfriend. But somehow we were extremely attracted to each other. We chatted for a while, we kissed. He used to be all over me at work. He told me he is falling in love with me and i told me i love you all day everyday. We eventually did the deed a few times. Things hot abit hectic with work and he said we should be friends coz people were talking. I adhered to that. A month passed with no contact, no communication other than work. We had a staff function at a club and he noticed some other male staff wanted my attention, he intervened everytime a male colleague spoke with me. He then told me he still loves me and kissed me 3 times during the event. 3 days later, i asked him what was Friday about coz he knows how I feel about him, he said he was drunk n it was a mistake. Why would he do this to me? We are perfect together.


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  • You two are disgusting people. I hope you leave your current partners, because they deserve better than you pieces of garbage.


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  • Because bottom line he is getting married he probably has a lot more to lose outside of work than just you. Not meaning to sound rude but he's already a jerk and so are you, he has a fiancĂ©, you have a steady boyfriend- whats stopping you from breaking up with yours? You both are pretty much as bad as each other because you guys don't want to leave your significant others just because you're comfortable. Or is it that fact you like the affair..

    • I was willing to leave my boyfriend for him. He on the other hand has a junior position within the company. His fiance bought him a car and a house so i want to understand that he is with her coz of financial stability

    • So at the end of the day he won't leave her and you will always be the girl that comes second.

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