After 3 weeks NC with my ex, he contacts me. Why?

We went out for 9 months we go to the same college and live in the same city back home. Summer vacation began in the beginning of May. We were supposed to hang out 4 times but something always got in the way. I found out on Facebook he was talking to another girl...his ex! He couldn't hang out with me but he was hanging out with her. I confronted him and told him I was done with him and he told me he was happy me and his ex found out about each other he didn't want to be tied down. 3 weeks went by without contact. I got a fb message 3 days ago say this:

" feel bad I hope you can forgive me someday 'n' not hate me I'm not even asking to be friends but I just hope ya don't look back 'n' hate me you were nothing but good to me 'n' I should of treated ya right I just don't want you hating me forever : / well maybe I'll hear back from ya if not no worries"

What does it mean exactly? I haven't responded because I don't know his intentions.


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  • Maybe he broke up with the ex or it didn't work out and now you are back on. He might be trying to line you up for a hook up or a fwb...etc if you want to move on ignore him otherwise you just can get over him and move on etc...


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  • I don't think there's any hidden agenda. He's saying he isn't ready for a relationship but still likes you.

    Why do you want to look behind his words?

  • probably for A booty call or because he's desperate or picked up an STD or something or maybe he just generally missed you who knows.


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  • He feels guilty and wanted to give you a few weeks to get over the initial shock. I'm pretty sure that's the reason because I've ben there , I chatted to him made him c I was happy and didn't miss him at all and I haven't heard from him since now that's only ben 2 weeks and we didn't break up on bad terms so in some way I think the reason he feels guilty is because he knows I was crazy about him(not anymore) and wants the option of maybe someday rekindling what we had... maybe not. But I would say email him back the type of email he can't respond to be civil... exit like a lady. I'm pretty sure he will be back and you know better than to give him a second chance let him beg 4 you back and tell him where to go... then you'l have the power back and that's important.Hope this helps :)


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