How do I please him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months now,he just started comparing me to his ex (in a bad way) he said that I should figure out what it is that I am doing wrong, because he won't tell me. I have never cheated on him and I am madly in love with him. I don't feel that it is fair that he is comparing me to his ex. how do I please him? I don't want to lose him help!


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  • Here is what you need to do next time you see him:

    1. First you need to get him turned on - be more aggressive, grab his stuff, slowly massage his balls through his pants, it's important that you act as seductive as possible - the more you're turned on - the more he'll be turned on. Pull his pants down slowly and act as naughty as possible - this is a great turn on.

    2. Grab his hand and lick on his fingers slowly before you give him head - just put his middle finger slowly into your mouth and suck on it, up and down, slide it slowly and moan - you have to moan a lot so he feels like a king.

    3. As you're licking one finger, slowly start stroking his shaft (penis) with your other hand, you have to be on your knees and he should be standing, look him in the eyes - this way you can see his reactions. You need to love giving him head if you want him to really enjoy it.

    4. Most girls make the mistake of being too soft - don't do that, grab his penis tightly and stroke it hard, as you're twisting his shaft with one hand slowly start sucking on the head (the tip) of his penis, curl your tongue around it, twist it in circles, then point it upwards and slowly lick it while you're watching him.

    5. Say something like "mmmmm I love it" then smile, smiling is very important - it conveys that you love it. Keep on stroking and sucking harder.

    6. Start talking dirty to him, put your hands around his balls and tickle them gently - make sure you are gentle 'cause his balls are very sensitive, as you're tickling, keep on stroking and sucking.

    7. Once you see that he's getting closer start stroking harder - and don't even think about slowing down. Scream at him, tell him you want it - tell him where you want it (swallowing will make him go crazy just as you want it) - then as he starts to come, you have 2 options - you can hold his penis or he can hold it - I suggest you let him hold it and squeeze it out.

    8. Then hold his penis and stroke it slowly, just as if you were trying to squeeze every last drop out of him into your mouth, give it a few more finishing licks.

    9. Then smile at him, open your mouth and show him what you've got in your mouth, smile, then swallow all of it - then look up at him again and open your mouth to show him it's gone.

    10. Smile again, believe me he'll love you for it.

    Good luck,


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  • That's abit harsh like, I mean why should he tell you he isn't happy then expect you to figure out why he isn't? It's just stupid... I mean for him it's easy to know what you're doing 'wrong' because he is the one feeling it. It's like 'It's easy if you already knew the answer'. But since you don't you'd need to ask him...

  • he shouldn't, we all act differently.

    or do you mean sexually? kind of sounds that way

    • I honestly don't know what he means, but he did mention that my behavior has changed.

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    • Nothing has changed at all, just that he hates it when I don't tell him when I get to work or call him during the day( I'm always busy at work), and he always wants to know where I am and who I'm with.

    • His former girlfriend could have done these things, you could try a few of those, but if you really can't you could sit him down(even though I haven't had a gf, I think one-on-one talk would help a lot in relationships) and tell him you really love him, would never betray him and that you can't be like someone else and can't always keep him up-to-date at all times. that you should be you. you could even tell him that you don't like how he's comparing you to someone of his past, like his ex.

  • If he is beeing possesive, worried about where you are or who you are with maybe his ex cheated on him, or he is cheating on you and acting guilty about it. You aren't doing anything wrong just be yourself either he likes you for you, no point in faking a personality, relationship etc...


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  • He's being passive aggressive. Refusing to tell you what you have done to upset him because "you should know" is unhealthy and ridiculous. Tell him firmly that you want to be a good girlfriend and to make him happy but that you are clueless as to how you have upset him. Tell him you cannot change your actions without understanding. Point out that healthy relationships are honest and open, and require communication on both parts. Tell him that it hurts you when he compares you to his ex, and that she should not be a part of this at all - this is between you and him.

    If he refuses to cooperate then break up with him and move on to someone who will treat you with love and respect. That is what you need and deserve.

    Good luck!

    • Thanx guys & gals, will give yall an update! really appreciate your help!! mwah!!

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