Is this childish?

Two months ago my ex broke up with me and told me he never wanted me in his life again. So I said fine and walked away from his life , he's layed hands on me before cheated on me , including knowing things he thinks I don't know of. Recently I got in touch with a friend that works with him and told me he was throwing dirt on my name and said he had been fucking girls while we were living together. I got so mad , so I went and told my best friend and she came up with the idea to slash his tires and scrape his car up. She ended up doing it last night and she's like while I was doing it I thought of all the times he hit YOU and left you in pain , , was it okay that she did this was it only right? Or should I have stopped her?


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  • You are lucky no one found out. But be carefull. I know he deserved much worse, but if caught , you guys would have been in serious trouble. More than what he got due to slashed tyres.

    Guys like him can never be satusfied and that will make them miserable their whole life.

    Whats done is done. Just make sure your friend dont get into any serious trouble because of this.


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  • Should have stopped her, that could get her in a ton of problems and yes that is childish, its also childish of that guy to do that if he really did.

  • yes that is childish as fuck you should not demage people shit

  • It's justified from a certain point of view
    You definitely have friends to die for

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    • Yeah all my friends saw it as justice.

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    • He won't know who it was because I've been out of his life two months already , and this didn't happen anywhere near his house , the car was park like 5 blocks away from his job , and there's no cameras there it's super dark , and that's where people go and drink and do stupid shit cus nobody can see and that's where people park illegally because they don't have a permit to park inside the airport

    • And he someone has scrapped his car before multiple times and he never found out who it was plus he's an illegal immigrant he stays so far away from police

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