She was soulmate or enemy?

broke up in 3 month relationship... As she broke up for no reason I forgive Her for having 2-3 boyfriends having physical relations with them... bcoz i luv her... after that she also dumped me... For no reason... She dont want to talk. she dont want to behav as friend... She called my parents when i forced her by blackmailing to meet one time after break up as she is ignoring my req. sometimes i think she is worst girl i have seen ever... Bt i M not getting out of it...2years passed i Try to find her in every girl


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  • You forgave her for her loving her life before you? Grow the f up.

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    • Then that's what you should judge her by, not by her past.

    • Bt after me she also fall in love for other guys... Maybe she wants to have only sex or Her feelings changes with time!

      she Didn't gave me answers of this type of questions

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