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My ex contacted me about a month ago and I told her to go away.

I told her to move on as I have. I haven't really I just needed more time to get myself together as well as I was still hurt from the things she done.

I want us to talk again, what would you say to get in touch again. hey how are you?

I texted her no reply, expected as much. Not too fussed, she was always very moody, pretty so I'm kinda glad he hasn't :-) I know she text back eventually and it will be my turn to decide if she's worth it, which I doubt I will now that I've got things back
together and realizing she wasn't as great as I thought. Its funny how you choose to ignore things when you care about them


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  • Exactly. Say... How are you? Get a dialogue going. But if you only want to talk again and not get back together, you better make it clear that you just want to be friends so there is no misunderstandings that you are leading her on. If you DO want to get back together with her, you need to take things VERY SLOW. She needs to earn your trust again in that you have been hurt. You can't take her back so fast or she will think she can treat you any way she wants and you will take her back no matter what. That would be a HUGE mistake. Keep in touch with her ( if she wants to) - She may have moved on. That's something you need to find out. People do make mistakes. If she cheated - I'd be VERY leery of taking her back. Once a cheater - it gets easier a second time. Don't be a chump. GOOD LUCK, SWEETIE!

    • Nah she didn't cheat. Depression was involved, a lot of fighting and stupid little things

  • if you honestly still feel there's still something there with your ex then you should just txt her and say 'hey how are you' and clearly something will follow on from that txt. you sound like my little brother he's going through a similar situation. but with him his girl friend cheated on him. of course I couldn't hit her that's not lady like. but I did make sure her last year of school is memorable. however that irrelevant piece of info was to say. just because one girl messed you about don't think that's be all and end all. I'm sure there's plenty of other girls who would treat you better. and quiet frankly that would give her a taste of her own medicine meaning that you only realize what you lost when it's gone x.x


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