Is it normal to not hear from a girl for months on end?

Last December I was dating this girl I met online and after around four dates things seemed to be going well. She went on a trip to Europe and came back early in February, texted me that she needed to be alone and was locking herself in her room, and that she knew she was being rude but was scheduled to see her therapist about it. Since then I didn't hear back from her and I just stopped texting but is that shit normal? I've been ghosted before but do people break up via radio silence like that?


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  • have you tried to reach back to her? did she block you?

    • I called initially like twice, texted her again on valentines day, then just stopped. I never got replies. If its been this long she must not be interested anymore, right?

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    • hmm yeah... guess it's best to move on

    • that was like my first girlfriend. Still feels fucked up. But you're right

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  • Yes it happens. It's not you though man. Sounds like this is all her. Sometimes we blame ourselves and wonder what we did wrong. Meanwhile she could miss you so much but knows she can't reach out until her head is screwed on straight. I've been there.


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  • Yea Dude, just move on. There's always someone else. No point in wasting your time on people man


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