Have you ever had a "friend with benefits"? What happened?

Have you ever been involved with someone in an ongoing "friends with benefits" situation? How did you end up there, and how did it work out? Any regrets, or did it turn into more?


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  • I was super in love with my ex. I was starting to develop feelings for somebody else and move on, but my friend liked the same guy as I did. So she called up my ex invited him to my house where we all hung out. She asked him if he liked me at all and he said sort of. Once everybody was asleep me and my ex went to my room and talked about our friendship. We started kissing, one thing led to another and I gave him a BJ- something I never did when we were together. Afterward He kissed me a final time and left my room to join the others. It was a one time thing because he doesn't actually like me but he's my best friend so... At least he got some benefits?


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