Why does my Ex contact me?

My Ex & I were together for a year. We had a wonderful relationship, but decided to break up because he was moving away for college & didn't want to do "long distance" relationship, though it was only 2 hours away.. well after our breakup, we continued to stay in contact & act as if we were together.. things seemed even better! I would spend weekends over at his place & he would come over as well. This "long distance" relationship was working out pretty well (so I thought.)
I applied for his school & got accepted. We had talked about me transferring schools, because I hated mine. I was going surprise him when I moved to campus..
He visited me one weekend & was very sweet, his last words to me were, "You have no idea how badly I wish you were my girlfriend." Then I never heard from him for 3 months. I tried contacting him, but no answer. There came a point where I just stopped trying, though my heart was very much still with him. He deleted me off all of social media unexpectedly..
But sure I enough I found out he had found himself a new girlfriend.
I see him on campus nearly every day. I'm not sure if he sees me though. We have began talking more & more, but in a friendly manner. Most times when we talk, he brings up his girlfriend. I do nothing to over step my boundaries. I miss him & being his friend.. but why does he contact me? He avoided me for months.
Does he really want to be friends?
Does he feel bad for what he did?

Why does my Ex contact me?
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