Whats the point in sleeping with her?

Basically, a month ago my ex broke up with me. I found out through the grape vine recently that he's sleeping with one of his ex girlfriends from before me... The girl is sleeping with is kinda known for sleeping around with every guy she talks to, and she doesn't hide it, she makes acebook statuses about it and keeps a count of how many guys she sleeps with per month... but anyways, he texted me after he heard I found out and he said "sleeping with her doesn't help me move on, I know I'm not over you, and I don't have feelings for her" so then I asked "why are you sleeping with her then?" And he wouldn't answer that question..

guys, or girls I guess too haha Why is he sleeping with her if it doesn't help him move on, and he doesn't have feelings for her? I don't get it, what's the point? Lol
Whats the point in sleeping with her?
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