How do you move on when you never got closure?

We broke up two months ago. I blamed him for a long time. It was only recently that I realized what I did wrong too. So we both sucked. But I haven't gone a day yet without thinking about him. It was a LDR, and the breakup happened over text. He wouldn't reply. I made all of my thoughts and emotions known, so he got his closure. He didn't do the same. I'm left haunted with where I went wrong and if I'm being too hard on myself. Because he did see me through my worst times... but I need to move on anyway.


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  • Let it bleed, let it hurt. In your case only time heals. Seeing as you're not over him , finding someone else doesn't work. I've also tried for 2 months now. i think about her a lot, and can't find other romance because of it. Live your life, socialize, go out, ne yourself. Time will do its job. he's also a dicktit for ending it via text and not responding. Immature teenager.

    • Immature 20-year-old :P I'm good at rebounding and then feeling terrible about it. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn't. But yeah, looking for anything of substance now wouldn't work, you're right.

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  • Women seem to value closure more then guys. Once I'm at a point where I no longer want to have you in my life I could care less about where exactly it went wrong and the thoughts and emotions behind it. You will move on because you know you have to. Just takes some time.

    • You're right. We want to know those things, and as far as I can see it, he was being selfish discarding me like that without the conversation. But I do think like a woman.

  • Find yourself, look for what you are passionate. you move on from people by finding yourself. start worrying more about you. realize you are worthy of better. hang out with friends anda be adventourous , time will be the answer.

  • some guys are not good with closure


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