Would you date a woman who you know cheated on her partner?

Would you trust her? Even though you might like her, what would you think about her deep inside you? Would you ever consider marrying her?

In a relationship with such a woman, would you look to cheat on her regardless of whether she cheated on you (as you know she cheated on her ex)?

I'm looking for male perspective primarily, but girls are welcome to give their opinion too.


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  • Hello,

    Well cheating or the ability to cheat stems from a persons lack of integrity, so if they cheated this tells me they don't have that much of it is any at all.. so the logical question is would I date a girl with little to no integrity?

    I know I could never be happy with someone I knew had cheated.. and yes I do belive in the phrase "if she cheated on him she will cheat on you".. this stems from personal experiance from things have have happened to me and what I've seen in other people..

    heck, one girl I was seeing I found out she had a partner, bareing in mind she had asked me to be exclusive and she was STILL seeign him. when I found out I simply said good bye.. sure it was painfull to walk away but I knew I couldn't trust her again.. as far as I'm concerned you only get 1 shot when it comes to trust..

    bottom line.. she cheats (with me or someone else).. she's out..



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  • I know it might sound black and white, but I'd never trust her fully if she cheated. I'd always have that feeling of doubt deep down


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  • I think it's a difficult thing. A lot of people take the stance of "once a cheater, always a cheater", or "if she cheated on someone else, what's to say she won't cheat on me?"

    In reality though, she may have made a bad decision, regretted it, and learned from her mistake and as such, she would never cheat again.


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