Did I make a mistake by sending this text to my ex? I don't know what to do anymore😢 I love him so much, my heart is completely broken?

He had told me that I could be a part of his life in the future after months of me trying to fix it and beg him. I just got so frustrated and I sent him this, now I don't know what to do. I didn't want to sound mean or be rude cause that's not who I am.

What am I supposed to do, just wait around for you until you feel right to welcome me back into your life? When you're having fun, living your life and forget all about me whilst I'm miserable and hurt. That's fucked up. You caused utter devastation, you broke up with me and hurt me multiple times and I'm the one STILL chasing you after two months and attempting to fix it.. uhhh what normal girl would do that? One that truly cares. Cause I'm pretty sure you'd have been told to fuck off by another two months ago, that's a long time. I am not here to cause you stress or cause shit in your life or to fight with you, I have been direct, calm and honest with you yet you don't see it. I've realised my own mistakes and changed my ways, I became more mature and stronger, I made upmost effort, constantly tried to save our friendship/relationship, I understood your point of view and respected that, each time you responded it's been cold, harsh and disrespectful but I never once reacted and said anything bad to you, I gave you so many chances. What else do you want.. Don't you think you stress me out when I have explained my feelings to you a billion times and you still don't care. I'm here because I still want to be in each other's lives, I don't want to lose what we had, I wanted to make things okay because you're really important to me. Normal people don't go around destroying other human beings. You need to realise that your actions affect someone, be careful of what you say and do. It's not always just about you. I have ALWAYS stuck by you, I didn't give up no matter how much you've hurt me, everytime when you picked someone else over me and walked all over my heart.
I did not let any of that come between, i saw you for good despite the bad, the one I knew existed, the one I fell in love with. I learned to fight for what was important to you and for people you loved. I thought I was important to you but I never was. Once I realised that I picked myself up and got on with it, everyday since I have worked on improving myself and becoming a better person. I've come so far. I realised a lot, learned new things and was able to make those changes.
I'm a good person and nobody deserves to be treated that way. You keep playing mind games. I am not waiting for you anymore, I have waited long enough. You don't understand the damage you have caused, once people leave it's not the same again. This is as honest as I can be with you. If you want to be a part of my life it's soon or never. What you choose to do is on you.


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  • Geez, you're really giving yourself into all of this? Why?
    You simply cannot negotiate attraction or desire. Just quit trying - if it ain't there it ain't there.
    Nobody changes. They might change how they think some, but no, things don't magically change for the better.

    • Because in life you don't meet people you truly connect with, those things are rare. No matter how much I have been hurt, I always wish the best for him. I care and love him a lot and people do change. We spent years together so spending this time apart was devastating but it actually helped me to grow as a person and know what I really want.

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    • I don't want to cause drama though... that's not my intention

    • female = drama

      Seriously, if you could just read all this with some more objectivity. It's just so, well, desperate.

      And the reason you aren't finding another to 'truly connect with' is because you're all wrapped up in making this one something it's not.

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  • you need to move on. He's trying to keep you in limbo so you dont find someone better, sooner. Thats rude and selfish and you deserve far better. You need to fill your days and nights with other activities so there's no room in your heart and mind to think about him. DO NOT TEXT HIM AGAIN!


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  • Brown eye is right, forget this guy, he doesn't want to be with you right now, maybe he isn't ready, maybe he's a jerk, but whatever is reasons are, you shouldn't care, forget this dude and find someone who truly see you as the awesome person you are, and who wants to make you happy not miserable. Don't express your feelings anymore, he gets it,... be happy upbeat and carefree around him , and research dignity and self respect.

  • No you didn't. It encompasses your feelings quite well.

    I hope it works out.

    • But the problem is he didn't reply and I usually text him each week with the same kind of stuff so to show him that I'm serious I have actually went a month without contacting him. But now I'm struggling as I want him around, the wait is horrible. Could I text him saying hey and keep it light or ask him how he feels.

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    • But I feel like if I just leave it with that text, he will think that I'm still the same argumentive girl.. and he'll forget the good things about me and feel like he did right by leaving because that text was rude. Like all the time I always say nice things and wish him luck and say I'll always be here for you but that day I just flipped and I didn't know how else to express my feelings

    • Thing is, he needs to know your worse and be okay with that. If he expects you to never be angry and never argue, that is very childish and unrealistic. He should be able to be okay with what you are, angry or calm.

  • kinda was but you are angry and frustrated with this tool so very understandable anyone would fo what you sent but i think its time to move on with your own life and start focusing on yourself

    • Well how could I fix that? By apologising?
      I already am doing all of that though.. out of all of this I still want to fix this, he means everything to me and I don't want to live my life with regret. I know I can't force someone to be part of my life but I can only try which I have many times. I just can't believe that he forget about me so quickly after all those years

    • there's nothing to fix youve said all you could balls in he's court now no point in apology youve said it and ment it if he doesn't see that he's blind but if he dosnt reply to you after this its him running and trashing the memory of you some more

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  • He obviously lose interest, you should've kept it short because he ain't gonna read all that. Reason why I said that, because he don't seems to care, you beg him to change and he refused to. So I feel like you wasted your time typing that. STOP TRYING, you let him know wassup, let him try and fix things if he want it to be fixed, stop waiting around, he's having fun without you, while you cry day and night. Have some fun, go out.


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