Have you ever made a guy wait for you?

I'm in a situation we're my ex boyfriend lied about every little thing known to man. He over reacts at stuff that shouldn't over react too and he always says I'm using him. I know he knows now, I don't use him but he like to talk about our feelings and I'm not about that life.

We broke up 5 times in 3 weeks and now we're friends and working on our relationships. I told him to wait a month and a half. Do you think he will wait for me?


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  • Just move on and find someone else. Obviously aren't meant for each other.

    • That's mean to say. I think we are if he can stop talking about the relationship and just be chill.

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    • Well, I'm trying to gain my trust back with him, he doesn't lie about things anymore and proves shit to me all the time. I think I'm kinda trusting him again

    • Ok thats good but what happens when he goes back to his old ways? I think if you do try this is it. People don't change age and old bad habits die hard.

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