Do men usually pull back after they've shown a lot of interest?

This one is for you men!


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  • Hello,

    thats a tricky one.. it depends if I did it before you told me how they felt then yes.. after that cats out the bag there's just no point..


    • Hmmm well what if the girl tells you that she likes you before you tell her?

      i told a guy that I liked him. he didn't necessary reciprocate but after that his actions all pointed towards that he likes me as well. Why pull back now?

    • It depends.. has he made any effort to contact you at all.. if he has then have you got back to him?

      I would recomend contacting him, just give him a call and ask him out.. there's a good chance he feels exposed after telling you he likes you so now he's concerned he will creep you out if he goes back to you..

      Ive been in this situation myself before.. most likely he's after a sign from you that he hasn't overstepped the mark..

      Good Luck


    • He has made some efforts to contact me and when he does, I respond.

      When I contact him-he responds right away/picks up the phone

      I guess what's throwing me off is that I'm initiating most of the conversations now.

      Thanks for your advice though :)

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